John Legend & The Roots’ “Shine”

Here’s my entry for this moving song by John Legend, which he wrote for the documentary “Waiting for Superman“.

The original is on his album with The Roots: “Wake Up“.

I wound up giving it a sort of Indian flavour.

It was unplanned, but some Hans Zimmer-style brass swells seemed appropriate around the 3:00 min mark. Did you like his score to “Inception”?

Was great fun to play acoustic guitar along with the bass, drums, and organ by The Roots!

There are a lot of great remixes in the contest, I’ve listened to some, and this one has blown me away. A kind of jazz orchestra treatment.

Itaal Shur’s “How Lovers Do”

My entry in the Itaal Shur remix contest on for his great song: “How Lovers Do”.

May gave you that Summer feeling despite the weather outside.

Listen to more entries here.

Get his album on iTunes here.

“Lonely Day in Paradise” is a fantastic track.

Peter Gabriel’s “Games Without Frontiers”

– I love the voices of Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush. Wanted to keep them up front

– Felt prompted to a kind of rock / reggae-ish feel. Stoked when a chord sequence and couple of riffs came out of the fingers on electric guitar and then nylon string

– Programmed drums via the Pro Tools Strike plugin, augmented a bit with EZ Drummer.

– Ran the Bass stem through the PT DB 33 Leslie Cabinet, then played bass via Axiom 25 keyboard with a Reason Bass patch

Thanks once again

N.A.S.A.’s “The Spirit of Apollo”

Listen to it here »

“Dancing Like There’s Nobody Watching” – a Downtempo-ish reworking.

Tom Waits and David Byrne trade verses, and I jump in on the choruses. Some key phrases from Ghostface and one from MIA. Music by me.

Had thought of titling it “Buddha in the 2nd Set” – Waits’ turning of phrase always so interesting. Love the way Byrne sings: “…the sea…”

Thank you N.A.S.A. and Indaba, I really enjoyed this.

Youssou N’Dour’s “Wake Up”

Listen to it here »

As I understand it, Youssou N’Dour’s Indaba Remix contest raises awareness of the efforts to make open source technologies readily available to Health workers in Africa. It means something to me because of my good experiences with open source code for web development. This website and most that I build these days are on the open source platform WordPress which I highly recommend. I think the wider implications of open source systems are pretty important. Seems like we’re becoming evermore interdependent. More sharing required? From :

“Open source technology is ideally suited for application in low-resource environments, being collaborative, transparent and free of licensing and upgrade fees. It encourages independent, affordable and creative solutions to the biggest health and infrastructure problems in the developing world, from shortages of doctors and nurses, to access to maternal and child health care, to distribution of the medications needed to fight and prevent infectious diseases.

Using Web-based interfaces, mobile phones and PDAs, open source systems can provide far-reaching and innovative tools to support increased efficiency, productivity and performance of health services and information to meet the needs of families and communities across Africa. Most importantly, with targeted training and support, open source solutions can enable African developers and health professionals to create, customize and grow systems themselves based on their needs and realities.”

Contest Page on – check out winner: Studio Mali

Daby Toure’s “Setal” was also extraordinary, but has since been discontinued.