Why “Jungle Physicians”?

I liked the term “Jungle Physician” when I read it in a translation of the Ashtanga yoga opening chant.

Interesting implications, interesting combination of words, like “Love & Rockets”.


a-dub and friends.

I’ve released one album and one EP. Some songs appeared on “Love Monkey” and “Men in Trees”.


photo by WAH

I work at a unique music shop in Vancouver called Highlife Records.

Some highlights and influences from my time there: Thievery Corporation, Michael Franti,



What kind?

You might describe the new songs and production style as atmospheric soul rock.

I like the way Johnny Marr defines “folk” music in this interview:


I like the way Daniel Lanois defines “soul” music @ 6:20 in this interview:


Favourite Music Videos?

So many. These would be amongst…

Favourite Under-Appreciated Films?

That would include Buckaroo Banzai.

Can we please have the promised sequel?


Some, and in no particular order:

Bill Withers, The Police, Sade, The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, The Cure, Peter Gabriel, George Gershwin, Zero 7, 1 Giant Leap, Suba, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Sheryl Crow, Crowded House, Finley Quaye, dark chocolate, blueberries, arugula, matcha tea…