A Nice Thursday

February 26th, 2015 in photos.

I won’t say whose big-league Calrec console this is, but he is super nice, and very supportive of independent music. Major thrill to receive a photo of my EP on it. Thank you!


Went to see the great documentary The Wrecking Crew on the big screen.

Contributed a few bucks to the Kickstarter campaign for the film and that guitar pick was a perk. The filmmakers also have Pledge Music project here.


Early Evening:

Chris, Terry, and Ian.

Fun farewell SOCAN party for ambient guitarist Terry O’Brien (C). Great to catch up with musician and music industry veteran Ian Menzies (R).

Chris (L) owns Vancouver-based Union Tube & Transistor Guitar Pedals. SOCAN presented Terry with a custom one of a kind Union guitar pedal.

Late Evening:

I put two and two together and realized that I had bought one of Union’s very early stompboxes back in 2006.

The Buzz Bomb guitar pedal. A beautiful Fuzz / Octave thing.

Great to get re-acquainted with Chris and realize this. Very impressed that his work is now highly sought-after, around the world. One of his big fans is Jack White, who now sells a custom Union pedal in his store!

Union Buzz Bomb stompbox