Is Re-Tweeting Compliments Bragging?

Is Re-Tweeting Compliments Bragging?
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Saw this tweet today:


As Mr. Herstand says in his post, it’s an ongoing debate. For me, for the most part, RT’ing compliments comes across as bragging, and is often a real turn-off.

I’ve un-followed some artists and companies who 1-click a load of compliments. Especially if the ratio of brags-to-other-content is high.

The post reminded me of this tweet:

Herstand argues:

“First off, who doesn’t love a Retweet (RT)? Seriously! I LOVE when anyone Retweets ANYTHING I tweet. “

I get that. It’s a kick to get re-tweeted. But does that outweigh the vibe you send to your other followers? An @reply gives a great feeling too – and any mutual followers will see it. It’s a classier thank-you and arguably more personal – include “Thank you” and the Tweeter’s name. Herstand continues:

“To your skeptical, non-fan followers (other musicians, biz heads, friends, family, etc) these public compliments from seemingly big fans make YOU look awesome. It raises your status level in their eyes.”

Yes, but is twitter the place for that?

An idea:

What about creating a page on one’s site that is dedicated to compliments received on twitter. Embed compliment tweets there. Then once in a while tweet a link to it.

Having said all that, I do think there is a middle ground. Maybe it’s a matter of quality and quantity. The RTs he shows in his post are on the sweet and intelligent side. Speaks to the character of Herstand and his followers.

These RTs don’t come across as blatantly braggadocio-like as others you see on twitter.




Similarly, I did recently retweet a link that leads to a compliment. I went ahead with it because it wasn’t overt and the link also separately complimented John Frusciante and Jake Troth:

But hey Ari, what are you going to do when there are multiple compliments per hour?!

You’re a great musician and performer: