Radar + Sundeep Toor + Saul Bass = New Video

Radar + Sundeep Toor + Saul Bass = New Video
W hile taking the Berklee/Topspin course, the instructor – Chandler from Music Geek Services – pointed us to the newly-launched  Renman Music & Business show.

By tuning into Steve Rennie, I learned about a great site for artists and directors: Radar Music Videos.

On Radar, artists can post a “Music Video Brief” – a short description about the song, their budget, timeframe, and other details.

Directors who are  members of the site, see these briefs, and can then pitch proposals. Great idea, yes?!

I posted a brief for a Lyric Video and within 48 hours had received 3 inquiries.

As soon as I saw Sundeep Toor‘s proposal and checked out some of her work, I knew I wanted her for the project.



She proposed lyrics and animation inspired by Saul Bass.

This Guardian article describes Bass as:


“…the master of the title sequence, working on such films as Anatomy of a Murder, North by Northwest and Goodfellas.”




Sundeep did a wonderful job. Watch the video here.

I’m grateful to her, Chandler, Radar, and the Renman.

I recommend them all.

UPDATE: 8/27/2013:

The Renman has launched an IndieGogo campaign for some support for Season 4.

I’ve put in a contribution and suggest you consider it – they’re offering excellent perks: