Speaking of Jungle Physicians

Speaking of Jungle Physicians

Spotted on RealitySandwich.com, this clip from an upcoming documentary looks really interesting.

Real deal jungle physicians. I’ve communicated with Dennis McKenna a couple of times and found him to be very nice and very erudite.

From the film’s Kickstarter page:

“Can we afford to let undiscovered and underutilized medicinal plants not only go unnoticed, but possibly disappear forever.

Cultivating a Cure is a one-hour documentary that looks to answer this question by following the progress of native healers, scientists, and researchers all working with traditional plant-based medicines in and around the Amazonian town of Iquitos, Peru.”

I look forward to the final film.



And if you find this topic interesting, you might also want to check out these online tele-seminars, with some of the leading experts in this field – Jeremy Narby, Wade Davis, Luis Eduardo Luna, Kat Harrison, and Stanislav Grof:

6 Sunday calls starting January 23rd, 2011: