John Legend/The Roots Remix Contest

John Legend/The Roots Remix Contest

Here’s my entry for this moving song by John Legend, which he wrote for the documentary “Waiting for Superman“.

The original is on his album with The Roots: “Wake Up“.

I wound up giving it a sort of Indian flavour.

It was unplanned, but some Hans Zimmer-style brass swells seemed appropriate around the 3:00 min mark. Did you like his score to “Inception”?

Was great fun to play acoustic guitar “with” The Roots!

There are a lot of great remixes in the contest, I’ve listened to some, and this one has blown me away. A kind of jazz orchestra treatment. – thank you.

Legend and The Roots tap into a higher source here with their rendition of Bill Withers’ “I Can’t Write Left-Handed – incredible – Captain Kirk Douglas on guitar, ?uestlove on Drums, Owen Biddle on Bass, James Poyser on keyboards: