Eno & Surfing, Control & Surrender

Eno & Surfing, Control & Surrender

Recently went to an “illustrated talk” by Brian Eno, here in Vancouver.

A few notes and reactions:

[blockquote]Eno: “…Recording is like sonic painting…”[/blockquote]


Interesting. I more often compare it to sonic sculpture.

[blockquote]Eno: “…the composer is a gardener…”[/blockquote]


I liked that, I think George would too.


He also said, that despite having never surfed, (paraphrasing), he imagines it is a tangible metaphor of the flow in life between control and surrender.

He drew something like this on the overhead projector:


A great point to contemplate.

This morning I see a surfer took a 30 ft wave at “Jaws” on Maui….at 2am…

That would be more on the “surrender” side I’d say!


I haven’t surfed for a few years. I miss it.

In ’97 I was lucky to go to Hawaii for a week. This is a photo taken after I paddled out on the North Shore. What you see on my face is fear, fatigue and awe.

I didn’t get into the take-off zone – I just wanted to get a feeling of what it was like out there. I was amazed at the speed and power of the waves. They are much faster and stronger than what I’d ever experienced elsewhere, and much faster and stronger than what they look like on television.