I Love Music Docs

I Love Music Docs

I love music documentaries.

The very eclectic blog Dangerous Minds is a good source for rare online music films. Sometimes I post discoveries on the Highlife World Music blog – like this one on Gil Scott Heron.

I really dig the “Classic Albums” series. Some of them are here on iTunes. The most recent one I saw was on Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers’ “Damn The Torpedoes”. One part that stood out was Petty talking about Jim Keltner hanging out in the hallway of the studio, saying: “hey Tom, that song needs a shaker part that I can do.”

Well, when you listen to “Refugee” again, having just heard this story, it gives a new, higher appreciation of shakers and Keltner. Geoff Hicks played an amazing shaker part on my song “The Blurring Line”. Did it in one take. So solid in the pocket.

Interesting how something “small” can be so important.

The BBC is of course, a major source of music documentaries. Remarkable what they do. Case in point, I just found this documentary from 2006 called “Soul Deep”:

(wow I didn’t know Miles Davis’ “So What” influenced James Brown’s “Cold Sweat”!)

“…it helps to be some kind of crazy…a prequisite…[to make good music]…+ humour…” – George Clinton