Paul Baker. Rest in Peace and Harmony

Paul Baker. Rest in Peace and Harmony

On Tuesday Sep 21, 2010, Paul Baker passed away after a brave battle with cancer.

He produced, engineered and mixed my 2004 album and ’07 EP, and I learned so much from him. It seems like every day I realize a bit more of what I learned from him at Bakerstreet Studios.

He was a good friend who introduced me to a lot of people. He was a person remarkably eager to help others connect, for the betterment of all. He was generous.

It has affected me perhaps more than I would have anticipated, for several reasons.

I think I saw him saw him as a pillar of the music community, and even though this terrible disease came, it didn’t seem like anything could take him away.

He fought, made changes in his diet, took up meditation, and continued to work, despite the harsh treatments, doing some of his best stuff – Hans Stamer, the Olympics, Chilliwack’s 40th anniversary summer.

It seemed he had found a new light.

His passing somehow makes me think deeper about the magic of music. The alchemical nature of music. He was a very accomplished alchemist. To lose someone who helped you in this magical process is very tough.

I was impressed and moved by the performances by Chilliwack, Odds, Paul Hyde, Alpha Yaya Diallo, Graham Brown, Colin James, Robbie Steininger, Jane Mortifee, Steve Hilliam, and all, at a benefit for Paul’s family organized by

And thank-you Elaine and Raunie and Mike Rogerson and Dave Meszeros for helping us grieve at a memorial service.