Special Gig: Camp Moomba Yogathon Sat July 24

Special Gig: Camp Moomba Yogathon Sat July 24

I’m excited to play at the Camp Moomba Yogathon on Saturday July 24 at UBC’s Thunderbird Stadium. Stoked to be playing with Niko Friesen on Drums and Cory Curtis on Bass.

Summer Camp is such an important and memorable time for anyone. It sure was for me. Camp Moomba is summer camp for kids impacted by HIV/Aids:

Camp Moomba is a specialized summer camp program for children impacted by HIV/AIDS. Recognizing that isolation and discrimination are among the greatest challenges facing these children, we strive to give them a brief respite from their illness in a camp community based on equality, friendship, and support. For children whose lives are filled with instability and suffering from grief, loss, and illness, it is a place where the stigma of HIV/AIDS does not exist. 112 children, ranging from ages 6-17, attended Camp Moomba last year. Each year our wait list grows. Currently, we are the only camp in Canada for kids impacted by HIV.

Please consider joining in, or pledging a participant, or stopping by for the music and good vibes.

Just watched this controversial and powerful documentary: House of Numbers.
Worth checking out:

House of Numbers Trailer from houseofnumbers on Vimeo.