Lots of bicycleness on the radar lately. Hints at getting my bicycle repaired and back on the road for the simple but true pleasure of cycling around. I’m recalling that it’s a great complement to yoga as well.

Some cases in point:

1) I enjoyed the excerpt of David Byrne’s new book “Bicycle Diaries”:

On a bike, being just slightly above pedestrian and car eye level, one gets a perfect view of the goings-on in one’s own town. Unlike many other U.S. cities, here in New York almost everyone has to step onto the sidewalk and encounter other people at least once a day–everyone makes at least one brief public appearance. I once had to swerve to avoid Paris Hilton, holding her little doggie, crossing the street against the light and looking around as if to say, “I’m Paris Hilton, don’t you recognize me?” From a cyclist’s point of view you pretty much see it all.

2) I follow @larrybrillliant on twitter and took note of his recommendation of the Pi Bicycle:



3) Ran into music business entrepreneur Derek Sivers’ interesting post on biking and his plans to bike around India.

4) Here in Vancouver, a new bike lane was created on the Burrard Bridge:


5)  Reminds me of a moment near the Burrard Bridge several years ago. I saw a south-bound cyclist take the curve onto Cornwall Ave at the scariest speed I’d ever seen there. The thin-wheeled, old school 10-speed was being ridden by a physically aero-dynamic and very focused individual. To my surprise as he whipped by me, I think I recognized he was William Gibson, whose books I’ve enjoyed.

6) I recall the wonderful Coco Love Alcorn‘s bicycle art. She has a song about bicycles too – new album previews sound fantastic.

7) “Building Better Bicycle Culture” found via

8 ) I just ran into this interesting video of a bicycle maker below:

So, I will endeavour to get the wheels rolling again.

And Monty Python’s “Bicycle Repairman”


UPDATE: MARCH 18, 2010

Boing Boing: Michael Musto on the joys of urban cycling