Camp Moomba Yogathon July 12 at UBC

This’ll be my first time taking part in this. Kudos to Eoin Finn & all involved.
Please join, or make a pledge, thank you:


“On July 12th two thousand people will participate in the Camp Moomba Yogathon to raise funds for children impacted by HIV/AIDS. Participants collect pledges prior to the event and then on the event day they convene to perform 108 minutes of yoga.”

About Camp Moomba:

“Established in 1997, Camp Moomba is a specialized summer camp program for kids age 6—17 who are impacted by HIV/AIDS. Many of the children that attend Camp Moomba are confronted by similar issues in their lives, many live in difficult socio-economic situations. By coming together each year they are able to find the type of support that can only come from understanding.

“Moomba” is an Australian Aboriginal word that means “join together to have fun” and forms our camp’s philosophy: Friends Together Having Fun.”